The onsite audience at The 3rd International Conference on Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights serves as an indispensable component, fulfilling multifaceted functions and gaining numerous benefits. As physically present participants, they engage directly with the conference's events, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and research presentations, fostering an immersive and interactive experience. Through active participation in Q&A sessions and networking opportunities, the onsite audience contributes valuable feedback and insights, enriching the conference's intellectual discourse and creating a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The in-person interactions foster meaningful connections among legal experts, policymakers, scholars, activists, and stakeholders, facilitating the formation of professional networks and potential partnerships. Additionally, the onsite audience gains firsthand exposure to the conference's atmosphere, engaging in informal discussions and social events that enhance their overall conference experience, offering a unique opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the latest developments in contemporary legal, public policy, and human rights issues.

Product Information

  • Program: International Conference on Law, Public Policy and Human Rights
  • Name Product: Audience (ONSITE)
  • Price: Rp. 1,000,000
  • Due Date: 06 Nov 2023