The online audience plays a vital role in The 3rd International Conference on Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights, benefiting from a range of functions and advantages. By participating virtually, these attendees can access the conference's esteemed content and engage with renowned speakers and experts from around the world, transcending geographical barriers. The online platform offers flexibility, enabling attendees to tailor their conference experience to their schedule and time zone, while interactive features, such as live Q&A sessions and networking lounges, foster meaningful connections and collaborations. Reduced costs and a lower environmental impact further enhance the appeal of online participation, making this virtual approach an inclusive, cost-effective, and sustainable means to gain valuable insights, expand professional networks, and contribute to the discourse on contemporary legal, public policy, and human rights issues.

Product Information

  • Program: International Conference on Law, Public Policy and Human Rights
  • Name Product: Audience (ONLINE)
  • Price: Rp. 100,000
  • Due Date: 08 Nov 2023